There is no single sporting event that can beat Indy 500 when it comes to the number of attendees.

Even in its early days, Indy 500 has remained as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” A slogan that is backed by millions of fans all over the world who watch Indy 500 online and others visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to witness the live-action.

But, which is the highest attendance at the IMS?

IMS highest attendance

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a seating capacity that is expected to be about 257,325. 

According to the information online such as Wikipedia, IMS is expected to have attracted crowds of over 400,000, especially during the I990s Indy 500 championships. 

Therefore, no single year event can be termed as the most attended Indy 500. But, research from DigitalGlobe shows pictures for the event during the 100th Indy 500 with an estimated attendance of at least 350,000 spectators.

Research from DigitalGlobe

DigitalGlobe claims to be the world’s leading provider of data and analytics as well as high-resolution Earth Imagery.

During the 100th Indy 500 that took place on Sunday, May 29, 2016, DigitalGlobe used their GeoEye-1 satellite and captured a photo of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from space.

The company claimed that there were more than or close to 350,000 fans at the speedway. They also shared a photo with less populated IMS to prove their claims.

We can say from the records that the highest attendance at the IMS stands at 350,000, but it’s a fact that’s yet to be made official.


Indy 500 is a championship race that involves 33 drivers who battle through 200 laps across 500 miles for an ultimate win. Come and watch as the world’s best-attended single-day sporting event takes place on Sunday, May 24, 2020, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana, USA.