Qualification of the first Open Championship was introduced in 1907 for the first time and it’s the official process a golfer goes through in order to qualify for the Open Championship. The Open Championship is the oldest and one of the prestigious golf competitions in the whole world. The qualification process usually reduces more than 2000 golfers in five continents to a limited field size number of 156 competitors in the tournament. You can watch British Open online or on TV on channels; Golf Channel and NBC. Live streaming is also available on the open website, golf channel website and also with the golf channel and the NBC Sports apps.

The original format of the final tournament was 36 holes played in a day but changed to the modern format of 18 holes in four days with the lowest scoring golf competitors cut after the first 36 holes. Most of the golfers will get to the golf grounds after meeting on these exemption criteria:

  • Past Open winners below 60 years and high finishers in the previous year open.
  • Winners of all the other majors and designated tournaments
  • World rankings or tour point lists
  • Amateur Championship winners
  • Others; Spots and members of the president cup teams.

Most golf players want to be at the British Open but unfortunately, there are only limited places available as the tournament gets underway. There exist several different ways that a player can qualify for this British Open and we will outline them below. The worldwide top-rated players qualify through exemptions while the least ranked players have to go through a series of qualifying competitions all over the world. In this era, the main process a player can qualify is simply by the exemption on their performance in the major tournaments, tours and their ranking position in the world golf.

The competitors who are not exempt can gain qualification by performing very well in the Open qualification series of the international sanctioned tournaments and also through the local qualifying in the United Kingdom.